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Werewolf by Joshua R. Helms

My father is a werewolf. We—my mother, my brother, my grandparents, & I—are hiding in my grandparents’ house, the brick house my mother grew up in, & we are locking all the doors to keep my father out. His hands are heavy & we can hear him breathing. We can hear him growling. He goes

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Fab Finds – The Rocket, The Fire and…The Cat

This week’s edition of Fab Finds is eclectic. And that’s ok. First: A glossy shiny rocket toy. Any boy would want this, and any girl should want it. It should not be limited to gender who enjoys these things, though rockets do have a decided “boy” connotation. Whatever, this is awesome and any cool person

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BBC Wants More “In the Flesh” Episodes

Series creator Dominic Mitchell recently announced via Twitter that he was, “delighted #InTheFlesh is coming back…” to the BBC. Fans rejoiced, as there was much left to uncover after the brief season one stint. Heads at BBC call the show “fantastically original,” and have stated that they’re pleased to bring it back. The show is even being heralded by some bloggers as

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Mondo Monday: On Wednesday – The Thing, Son of Frankenstein…

We missed Monday because it was a holiday. Memorial Day is an important day to reflect on those that fight and have fought for our freedoms, and to be lazy while doing so. Sorry we missed our Mondo Monday. This weeks’ Mondo Monday features the sick ass works of Randy Ortiz, Rich Kelly, and Gary Pullin.   You

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Poet Spotlight: Joshua R. Helms

Joshua R. Helms recently finished his MFA at the University of Alabama. He’s the author of Machines Like Us (Dzanc Books, 2014) and his work has appeared or is forthcoming in DIAGRAM, Fairy Tale Review, New England Review, Phoebe, Redivider, and Sixth Finch, among others. He infrequently tweets @joshuarhelms and blogs even less at

Ink and Code Artist Spotlight: Ryan Florez

This little punk is obsessed with Lady Gaga, dancing, bedazzled skulls, and Mass Effect 3. He’s also my kid brother and we are happy to have him as one of our resident artist here at Ink and Code. We also theorize he is one of the signs of the apocalypse, but that could just be nepotism.

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Covering the Classics: New Art for Old Titles

After an author has been dead for 70 years, their written works (typically) go into public domain. At this point, these important works belong to us, collectively. But that doesn’t mean we’ve always treated them responsibly. The brilliant content of their aged pages can often go unread, unloved, and even forgotten. Like immortal vampires entering

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On Memorial Day: Vincent Price And Christopher Lee say Happy Bday

On top of being Memorial Day (thanks, US troops), yesterday was also the birthdays of horror legends Vincent Price and Christopher Lee. For those that aren’t horror aficionados, Vincent Price is kind of the Grandfather of Horror here in the states. For Generation Y, he was the spooky voice in Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and the father/inventor in

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The Second Coming of the Moon Princess

Sailor Moon reached our shores long before Pokemon and Death Note. With her arrival, she reinvigorated the magical girl genre that was previously populated by characters like Sabrina the Teenage Witch. In short, we owe everything we have in Anime/Manga to Sailor Moon. However, I owe a little something more to her. Like most gay

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