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Redefining America: A Man of Steel Review

We’re continuing our Man of Steel Monday with a very super review of the film! In the very multicultural Miami, one would think they were in another country. People speak Spanish first and English later; the caffeine of choice is not ice coffee from Starbucks, but café con leche purchased from a no name bodega

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Mondo Monday: Man of Steel – Awesome Superman Print

This is what Mondo Mondays were made for. Check out this beautifully dramatic print by Martin Ansin for the latest in the Superman flicks: Man of Steel, Mondo style. It encapsulates all of the things that make Mondo art so intriguing – the color, the cast, setting and sense of scenery and movement. Everything about this is evocative. It’s

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Best Literary Fan Art on the Web

We’re big nerds here at Ink and Code, and one of our favorite pastimes on a Sunday afternoon is to Google fan art for some of our favorite authors and stories. Below is the fruit of our internet scouring. Enjoy! Tina Fey, author of Bossypants The Prince from Le Petit Prince The cast of Where

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Do Two Quicksilvers Mean the Destruction of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

What gives? Joss Whedon had previously confirmed that Quicksilver and his witchy twin sister, the Scarlet Witch, would make their silver screen debut in The Avengers sequel. However, a few days later Bryan Singer announced on Twitter that Evan Peters would play his version of Quicksilver in X-men: Days of Future Past.

E3 News: Super Smash Brothers Wii U

E3 2013 kicked off this morning and we finally got a glimpse of the highly anticipated Super Smash Brothers for the Wii U. Before we discuss, check out the debut trailer below: From my experience as a gamer, there are a few titles outside of the Nintendo-verse that are special. Mario, Link, Kirby and Samus

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Fab Finds – the monster, the lord, the baby/animal things

Fab Finds for a crappy New York Monday. This Edward Gorey mug should make you nothing but happy. Take time to appreciate the imagination it takes to create all these little beasts, and the wicked cheekiness we all have such a soft spot for. Everyone should embrace their dark sense of humor. Do so with

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Today Would Have Been Maurice Sendak’s 85th Birthday

We’re big fans of Maurice Sendak here at Ink and Code, and today would have been his 85th birthday. We would have nearly forgotten had it not been for Google’s decorative homepage which features Max and the gang parading through your screen. Check out the screen caps below and go to for the full

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