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The 10 Best ‘American Horror Story’ Characters

A new Supreme is about to be crowned and with her ascension comes the end of American Horror Story: Coven. Frankly, we’re kicking and screaming in a fit that would make Fiona Goode look like Mother Teresa. But it’s clear the end of this season is nigh and in honor of the upcoming finale, The

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Deep Ink: Mondo’s Rear Window

Haven’t featured a Mondo print in a while. Happy Friday! Today’s awesome little chunk of art features the classic thriller, Rear Window. This Hitchcock movie is still one of the most original, entertaining pieces of cinema out there. And it stars the inimitable Jimmy Stewart – what’s not to love? This poster sized print by Adam

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‘Goosebumps’ Art Gets a Monsterly Awesome Update

Who doesn’t remember those awesome R.L. Stine books that scared every kid in America? Those stories could make turning the lights out a cause for terror. They were kind of a rite of passage for a lot of bibliophiles like myself, and they’ll always have a special little place in my black heart. It’s no surprise

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Author Spotlight: Julienne Grey

Julienne Grey was recently awarded the Slice Literary Writers’ Conference Scholarship and has done feature interviews for Slice Magazine.  Her work has appeared in Pindeldyboz, Squawk Back, theNewerYork, and Quail Bell Magazine.  She has stories forthcoming in Joyland, SmokeLong Quarterly, Blue Fifth Review, and Slice issue 16.

Sunshine House by Julienne Grey

The first time Patrick came to Delilah’s Diner he was so afraid she’d laugh that his face went pink.  “Two eggs over easy, sprinkled with sweet relish and pine nuts.  And one orange juice with maraschino cherries, please.” “I’ll see what I can do,” Delilah replied. “—If that’s too hard, I can try something else,”

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