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The Tribe Review. The Dark World of the Deaf.

Given the bleak overtones of the movie, and the brutality of its characters, along with the nature of the film itself, this is not something for everyone. ISs it deaf exploitation of art house fare? I’d say it’s a little of both.

California Author Edan Lepucki Talks Influence And End of Days

“It’s totally human to imagine our current world, lost. Perhaps it’s a way to understand death, to translate it from the personal loss, the obliteration of self, to a larger, cultural one.”

Horns Review. Robbie and Randall Hash Out The Horns of Mr Radcliffe

So how is the film? There’s a strong, divisive argument both for and against it. Where it succeeds in so many ways, it also fails miserably in so many others. See it with a friend, but don’t fight with your friend when you discuss it! Fair warning, lots of this discussion veers into spoiler territory.

Electric Boogaloo Review from Fantastic Fest. A Decade of Excess Entertainment

For the uninitiated, Cannon was a studio whose output and reputation was without peer. Formed by Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus, producers from Israel, Cannon churned out dozens of films each year–questionable in quality but marked by unmistakable enthusiasm.

Kevin Smith’s Tusk Review From Fantastic Fest. A New Milestone For The Director

The premise is simple enough, a podcaster (Justin Long) gets trapped by a crazed old man (the delightful Michael Parks), who aims to turn his prisoner into a walrus. Yes, that’s the premise.

Gorgon Video Goes To Hell On Blu-ray

Gorgon Video is one of the essential 80s producers of what’s dubbed “horror cheapies,” films that probably didn’t have much of an onset budget beyond craft services and cocaine. Described as a company “focusing on the sub-genre of extreme horror and dark documentaries,” they’re best known for their classic VHS clamshell cases and the Faces of Death series.