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‘Superman Returns,’ Revisited – A Superhero Film That Pulls Its Punches

Superman Returns, Revisited – A Superhero Film That Pulls Its Punches Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opened strong at the box office despite mostly negative reviews. After watching the film, it’s safe to say the reviewers might have been kind. The film is such a shallow mess, devoid of charms, character development, and a

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Swimming with ‘Dickshark’ – A Review

Swimming with Dickshark – A Review Sometimes when I’m bored, I browse upcoming DVD releases. Often I come across something incredibly strange and debate whether I need to watch it. Typically I move on to the next release. But, now and then, the impulse to buy the DVD is overwhelming and my wallet suffers from

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Enveloped in Excess Flesh – A Review

Enveloped in Excess Flesh – A Review After watching the insane promotional music video for Excess Flesh last fall, the film immediately jumped to the top of my “must watch” list. Blood, sex, psychosis, and all the other things that make a genre film exciting were there, all infused with a song. This debut feature film, directed

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