Monthly Archives: December 2016

Year of the Woman begins with “XX”

Okay, so Hillary isn’t president, but that just means we need a renewed and even bigger focus on strong and talented women going forward. With that in mind, I’m thrilled to share the news of XX, a horror film anthology with an all-female lineup of filmmakers. XX is a new all-female helmed horror anthology featuring

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Universal Struggles – A Review of ‘Leslie’

Universal Struggles – A Review of Leslie  Struggling musician Holly (Kika Magalhães) can’t seem to catch a break. Money troubles, a relationship on the rocks, a sister with whom she cannot connect, and a broken down car all weigh on her. But when a life-altering obstacle comes her way, Holly is faced with tough decisions

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All in the Family – A Review of ‘The Eyes of My Mother’

All in the Family – A Review of The Eyes of My Mother We don’t often review a film for a second time, but when the first time around was a fairly short festival review, and the film happens to be one of the year’s best, we have to bend the rules a little. The Eyes

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