Monthly Archives: February 2018

Talking ‘Fashionista’ – A Fantastic Fest Interview

Simon Rumley‘s new film Fashionista opens at select Alamo Drafthouse locations and VOD platforms tomorrow, February 9th, 2018 (read our review here). We were fortunate to sit down with Rumley and the cast when the film first premiered at Fantastic Fest for a lively and laughter-filled discussion about the film, its influences, the city of Austin, allergic reactions,

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Giallo, Bushwick Style – A Review of ‘Psychotic!’

A knife-wielding, black-gloved killer is stalking party-goers in the popular Brooklyn neighborhood Bushwick and no one is safe. Like a millennial Summer of Sam, an existential dread lingers over Tim (Derek Gibbons) and Stuart (Maxwell Frey), both of whom have their own shit to deal without having to worry about accidentally buzzing in a serial

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