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Franchise Mayhem featuring ‘Ringu’ & Friends

Whatever happened to a simple, straight-forward film series with each film picking up where the last one left off like the passing of a baton? I’ve spoken to more than one person who is apprehensive about seeing Avengers: Infinity War because they haven’t watched all of the 18 films preceding it. At the very least,

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Bloody Masks – A Review of ‘Lowlife’

Small-time crime boss Teddy (Mark Burnham) runs a organ-harvesting business and a sex-slave ring out of the basement of his fast food restaurant. His muscle is a luchador named El Monstruo (Ricardo Adam Zarate), who has failed to live up to the folk hero legacy of his forefathers. The luchador and his wife Kaylee (Santana Dempsey)

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