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Fantastic Fest 2015 Review – High-Rise

Fantastic Fest 2015 Review –High-Rise : Tom Hiddleston Goes to New Heights United Kingdom, 2016 North American Premiere, 118 min Director: Ben Wheatley Artful commentary on social structures and class divides are always messy. Oftentimes they end up as lame amalgamations of what the privileged folks think they look like to the less privileged, gnashing their teeth with witty

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Fantastic Fest 2015 Short Film Lineup is Awesome

Fantastic Fest 2015 Short Film Lineup is Awesome The short film’s at this year’s Fantastic Fest is curated by veteran festival programmer, film producer and apparent hat enthusiast, Peter Kuplowsky. There’s 40 short films(!) to choose from this year, and, according to the press release, your minds will melt, your sides will split, and jaws

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Goodnight, Mommy Leaves Us In The Dark

Goodnight, Mommy Leaves Us in The Dark What’s in a trailer? If it’s a horror movie, it’s terror. It’s the exceptional fear of the narrative crammed into a span of two minutes. It evokes the primal need to experience the film, to tiptoe into the unknown and conquer your fears, all with a guarantee that

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Hungry Hearts Is a Contemplative, Though Flatline Thriller

Hungry Hearts Is a Contemplative, Though Flatline Thriller Being young parents is enough to drive you mad, and that’s just what happens in this quiet little indie from IFC. The story conquers new love, moving in together, getting married, meeting the family, and, finally, having a baby. And that’s just the first half hour. What

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O’ Monday, Have Mercy

I’ve hated you from the beginning.

When I woke up at three o’clock in the morning with a slight pain in my back. When I woke up again at four-thirty and looked outside, the still, dead tree indicating another cold day. Nothing had changed. Spring had come, but it was you holding it at bay.

Deep Ink: Spring Edition

Deep Ink: Spring Edition It’s been a while since we’ve visited Deep Ink, but Mondo has been turning out the awesomeness lately and, well, they’ve left us with little to no choice. I present… BADLANDS is perhaps one of the most under appreciated young-love-on-the-run crime spree road films ever made. Starring a very young,  menacing,

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Harper Lee Will Release To Kill a Mockingbird Sequel This Year

It’s been 55 years since we last heard from Pulitzer Prize winning author Harper Lee, but that silence ends this summer. Lee, inarguably one of the greatest writers of our time,  will release a sequel to her famed and much beloved novel To Kill a Mockingbird this year. Entitled Go Set a Watchman, the book

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7 Literary Relationships That Ended With The Grave

7 Literary Relationships That Ended With The Grave Love lasts forever, or at least until we’re dead. And let’s face it, we’re all going to die. Some of us swiftly and tragically, some slowly over a gruelingly long period of time. Either way, we all face the same fate – that long black corridor of

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