BBC Wants More “In the Flesh” Episodes

Series creator Dominic Mitchell recently announced via Twitter that he was, “delighted #InTheFlesh is coming back…” to the BBC. Fans rejoiced, as there was much left to uncover after the brief season one stint.

Heads at BBC call the show “fantastically original,” and have stated that they’re pleased to bring it back. The show is even being heralded by some bloggers as the best genre offering as of late.

Mitchell has spoken to the press about having already written developed plots for future seasons, so this is good news not only for fans but for a writer/creator that is avidly devoted to his narrative. That’s refreshing and exciting. Genre works, especially projects within sub-genres, are an incredibly hard sell, and often risky. The risk has paid off! The fans are rabid. Happily.

The story continues where season one left off.

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