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If you’re like me then you’ve already forgotten about your New Year’s resolution to have a healthier lifestyle. Lucky for us Jordan Younger, aka The Blonde Vegan, is here to rescue us and make sure we keep our self promises.

Jordan was my writing partner last semester at The New School and I was immediately impressed by all her recipes (her Oreo oatmeal smoothie is to die for). Recently she created her own cleanse, The Blonde Vegan 5-Day Cleanse, which is an entirely plant-based cleanse designed for people who want to detox their bodies and not starve themselves. The cleanse includes up to 25 original recipes: 1 smoothie, 2 juices, 1 salad and 1 soup or roasted veggie meal per day. She is only charging $25 to download the PDF.

In a world where a good cleanse can cost you in the hundreds, one has to ask what’s the catch? Well, nothing. The California native just wants to promote a healthy lifestyle.The Blonde Vegan

I sat down with Jordan to discuss how her program differs from other detox programs on the market, how to maintain  and keeping resolutions.

All right Jordan you have the floor. Tell us about The Blonde Vegan 5-Day cleanse. How is it different from other detox programs on the market?

The Blonde Vegan Five-day Cleanse is different from the others in a few different ways. First, it includes two solid food meals per day consisting of pure fruit and vegetable ingredients, and a smoothie for breakfast each morning along with two juices throughout the day. If you get hungry in between meals and juices, it is entirely acceptable to eat a fruit, a vegetable or a handful of nuts.

Sorry to interrupt— you mean we won’t starve ourselves to death doing this cleanse? That sounds blasphemous.

Exactly. This cleanse is not about starving yourself. It is about wiping your slate clean and stripping down to the basics so you can regain awareness of what you are putting into your body and how it makes you feel. It’s also about learning how to make healthy choices that you can continue post-cleanse.

I love the benefits of a juice cleanse, but whenever I direct my friends and family into one they struggle, feel miserable and oftentimes give up before its over. I started to see that instead of learning to listen to their bodies and make healthy changes they were essentially starving themselves and spending days planning their first post-cleanse meal.

That’s very true.

My cleanse is also different from others because of the community aspect, which is the part of the cleanse I am most proud of. There will be an email thread for support, and I will be part of each email thread to answer any questions and help motivate anyone who is having a tough time.

Email support? You mean you’ll be on call for those participating in your cleanse and will personally be replying to them?

I know it sounds crazy for me to respond to everyone’s individual questions, but I get so much enjoyment out of talking to people who are trying to make positive changes in their life and helping in any way that I can.

You sound extremely dedicated to helping others achieve a healthier lifestyle.

I found happiness in health and I want to spread that to as many people as possible. The communal aspect my blog is the most important part of it to me, and I want to be able to extend that to the cleanse program. There are some very talented bloggers I follow that never respond to their followers and it always makes me sad so I try to be the exact opposite.

What inspired you to begin your own cleanse?

I think there should be more cleanses available that focus on sustainable lifestyle changes rather than a quick fix. Another reason is because I Jordan Youngerwanted to show people that healthiness can directly correlate to happiness. Health and cleansing are so skewed in the media because everyone thinks that being healthy means being thin, and people certainly associate cleansing with losing weight.

It does seem everyone is looking for a “quick fix” and are less concern about maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

Health is about becoming aware of what you’re putting into your body so you can rebuild from the inside and start to feel good about the way you’re taking care of yourself. When you feel good about your diet, you are more likely to take care of yourself in other ways like exercising more and drinking less.

Many other cleanses on the market will make you drop weight quickly, but after you start eating again you will gain it right back. It is not sustainable, and it also is not realistic for someone to hop from eating the Standard American Diet one day into a full-blown juice cleanse the next day.

Since your cleanse is about sustaining a healthy diet, what advice can you give to those who waver from their diets? How do we maintain our New Years resolutions all year round?

Never give up and be consistent. It’s hard to maintain a healthy diet if you don’t give your body enough time to experience the benefits, so have faith that change will take place over time. Check in with yourself every week or so and ask yourself if you’re happy with the dietary choices you’re making. If the answer is no, take the initiative to change it. The first of the year is one of 365 days you have to choose from. Take the plunge and stick to it.

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