Brooklyn Horror Film Festival Mini Reviews

Our last two reviews for the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival will be two short ones. Overall, the everyone in the festival should commend themselves for running such an impressive event with some truly great programming. I’m already looking forward to what they do next year. But for now…

Graham Skipper‘s Sequence Break offers a fun premise with a nostalgia-tinged body horror film about a young man named Oz (Chase Williamson) who works in an arcade repair shop. He discovers a mysterious game which, when played, causes some fairly surreal side effects (heavy Videodrome feels here). I wanted to love it, but regrettably I didn’t feel it fully delivered. Portions of the film plodded along as we jump back and forth from the mystery game plot and the budding romance with the too-good-to-be-true Tess (Fabianne Therese). The big finale was sufficiently viscous like a good body horror film should be, but then things tied up a little too neatly for my liking. For the most part, the mood was right and I was intrigued by the events that transpired. I admire what the film was striving for, even if I feel it didn’t quite reached those heights.

Think Let the Right One In The Hospital and you’ll have a sense of what’s in store with Salvation from Spanish filmmaker Denise Castro. Young Cris (Marina Botí) is admitted to the hospital with a heart condition that requires surgery. She befriends fellow patient Victor (Ricard Balada), who offers up the incredulous claim he’s a vampire. It turns out he’s not lying. The two develop a sweet friendship in this tender film. Moody and well-shot, Salvation provides a fascinating and poignant look at death and the fragility of the human body. Botí shows exceptional range in one of her earliest film roles. Though the film is driven by her character’s relationship with Victor, much of the heart comes from the tense relationship she has with her mother (Laura Yuste). Affecting and without much blood or scares, it’s the perfect vampire movie to show to your horror-squeamish friends.

The Brooklyn Horror Film Festival is a badass genre film festival taking place in Brooklyn, NY October 12-15, 2017.