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Yuletide Terror Pre-Sale Campaign and Film!

Christmas in my home is never complete until screenings of Black Christmas, Silent Night, Deadly Night and Christmas Evil. They’re tradition, which I hope to pass down in my family for generations to come. Fortunately I’m not the only weirdo out there with a love for Christmastime horror, as evident when I heard about the upcoming

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Alejandro Jodorowsky’s ‘El Topo’ As Told by Danny Peary

In celebration of the release of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s new film Endless Poetry on July 14th, we’re continuing our week-long Jodo-party. For this installment, I’m thrilled to share film critic Danny Peary’s essay on El Topo, which was originally featured in his beloved Cult Movies book, provided here courtesy of Peary and Workman Publishing. The book and

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The Secret Lives of Scream Queens – Monsterpalooza Edition

A few weeks ago, we were lucky to attend Monsterpalooza 2017 at the Pasadena Convention Center. A celebration of all things creepy and weird (starting with attendees like us I&C editors), the event gave us the opportunity to meet and chat with a variety of horror film stars. It was surreal to be face to face

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Nicolas Winding Refn: The Act of Seeing

The most expensive poster book ever made of movies no one’s ever heard of. Acclaimed Danish filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn is no stranger to Fantastic Fest, appearing in 2013 with Jodorowsky’s Dune and again last year for the documentary My Life Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn directed by his wife Liv Corfixen. He returned once again this

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Harper Lee Will Release To Kill a Mockingbird Sequel This Year

It’s been 55 years since we last heard from Pulitzer Prize winning author Harper Lee, but that silence ends this summer. Lee, inarguably one of the greatest writers of our time,  will release a sequel to her famed and much beloved novel To Kill a Mockingbird this year. Entitled Go Set a Watchman, the book

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The Student Reading

The Student Reading by Paul Florez Back in July, I wrote at length about my hopes and fears for the first student reading I’d be hosting at The New School. The story was published with Slice magazine, and I ended it on a relatively positive note, saying we’ll have to wait till September to see

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7 Literary Relationships That Ended With The Grave

7 Literary Relationships That Ended With The Grave Love lasts forever, or at least until we’re dead. And let’s face it, we’re all going to die. Some of us swiftly and tragically, some slowly over a gruelingly long period of time. Either way, we all face the same fate – that long black corridor of

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Lindsay Hunter Gets Down and Dirty with Ugly Girls

Lindsay Hunter Gets Down and Dirty with Ugly Girls Within our personal existence there’s so many experiences we will never truly know. A select few of us experience the vast, depthless wonder of stepping onto the moon, while others live in the lap of luxury, afforded the gifts of all creation at their whim. There

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Shopping for the Holiday with Danny Peary’s Cult Horror Movies

Shopping for the Holiday with Danny Peary’s Cult Horror Movies Danny Peary’s Cult Movies series has been loved for decades. Before the dawn of the internet, his books were many film lover’s gateway into the odd corners of cinema. Recently I was given the opportunity to edit a series of ebooks culling the material from these books,

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American Psycho and SEM, Murder for the Digital Age

Jason Huff and Mimi Cabell, a couple of Rhode Island School of Design’s MFA students, emailed the entire text of the book back and forth and then collected all of the ads Google had generated. With more than 800 ad results, they rewrote Bret Easton Ellis’ novel attaching them as footnates, and well, it’s kind of amazing.