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American Psycho and SEM, Murder for the Digital Age

Jason Huff and Mimi Cabell, a couple of Rhode Island School of Design’s MFA students, emailed the entire text of the book back and forth and then collected all of the ads Google had generated. With more than 800 ad results, they rewrote Bret Easton Ellis’ novel attaching them as footnates, and well, it’s kind of amazing.

Throwback Thursday Article #1: The ABCs of Joss Whedon

The TBT hashtag rules with an ironfist on Instagram every Thursday. It’s impossible not to look at your feed and see awkward photos of years past, undoubtedly originally taken on a disposable camera (we hate the dreaded picture of a picture post…not that we’re not guilty of it ourselves). We had a thought here at

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Remember, Remember the Tenth of December

David Foster Wallace once said, “The person I’m highest on right now is George Saunders.” At twenty-nine years old with no steady income other than the .10 cents a word I get from my freelancing gigs, I am shocked that I am able to afford a better drugdealer than the late David Foster Wallace’s. Don’t

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A Book of Darts: A Mini Tale with Randall Lotowycz and John Passineau

A Book of Darts: A Mini Tale with Randall Lotowycz and John Passineau What’s in a throwing game? Or rather, more specifically, what’s in a dart game? The player launches sharp sticks at a cork-board in an attempt to hit the bullseye for points. Winner takes glory. Sometimes, the game is played drunkenly. Often times,

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The Ink: Jack Black – You Can’t Win

Jack Black was a late 19th-century writer and self-proclaimed hobo and professional burglar who lived in the final days of the Wild West. He was dishonest, conniving, but also a guy with a lot of heart. It’s funny to say, but he had the best intentions when it came down to it, even when he was stealing

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Author Carrie Rosten Gets Magical with “Soma So Strange”

As the story goes, author Carrie Rosten went to sleep one night and had a dream. And it must’ve been some dream! When she woke up the next day, she wrote her latest tale, Soma So Strange, in its entirety! Soma So Strange is a children’s book about a creative girl who discovers herself despite the “Meanies,”

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The Ink and Code’s Five Books That Will Make Your Life Awesome-er

Everyone loves a good book. Or at least I hope they do. These five are guaranteed to make you awesome-er in every way. Get ready… Geek Love Like it or not, Geek Love carved many new paths for the children of the 90s. While its writing can sometimes seem a bit overwrought and even convoluted (blame

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