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I’m Not Racist, I Just Want a Black Superhero

For those of you who aren’t die hard fanboys, weeks ago Fox announced the cast of the Fantastic Four reboot. And like all comic book movie casting news before it, the internet nearly broke in half when the actors who will play Marvel’s first family were finally revealed to a bloodthirsty fanbase.

Our Top 10 Favorite Disney Characters

So Robbie was in Florida this week and didn’t even have the audacity to wait for my arrival. Hmph! He thinks he’s so cool since his Hipster essay is number one on our site (seriously, check it out). I kid, but not about going back home to Florida this weekend! My first stop? Disney! And

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Days Of Future Past: Mutants are the Enemy!

Finally! After six X-men flicks the Sentinels make their silver screen debut in the upcoming Day Of Future Past movie. Now if we could just get Apocalypse somewhere in there… Big thanks to our friends over at Bleeding Cool News for the pics!          

Cheat Code to My Heart: DARK Video Game Review

I’ll start by saying that video games revolving around the concept of darkness with the inclusion of supernatural powers based on shadowy magic and lead characters that wear hoods are right up my alley. I’ve always been a fan of games that cater to the evil genre because there’s something to be said about looking

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FIRST LOOK! Marvel Legends Jean Grey!

From the far reaches of Hong Kong to my welcoming arms in New York, the yet-to-be-released Marvel Legends Jean Grey arrived at my doorstep today! This fiery vixen appeared on eBay last week and since she is my all time favorite X-man, I snatched her up with a buy now! Seriously, this is the Jean

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