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This is our fall issue.

E3 News: Super Smash Brothers Wii U

E3 2013 kicked off this morning and we finally got a glimpse of the highly anticipated Super Smash Brothers for the Wii U. Before we discuss, check out the debut trailer below: From my experience as a gamer, there are a few titles outside of the Nintendo-verse that are special. Mario, Link, Kirby and Samus

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Today Would Have Been Maurice Sendak’s 85th Birthday

We’re big fans of Maurice Sendak here at Ink and Code, and today would have been his 85th birthday. We would have nearly forgotten had it not been for Google’s decorative homepage which features Max and the gang parading through your screen. Check out the screen caps below and go to for the full

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A New Galaxy by Joshua R. Helms

I am driving down a highway. On either side the trees are leafless & lying on their trunks. The grass beneath them is almost black. Wheels hum against the pavement. I am the only car on the road. The odometer isn’t working & the mile marker signs are missing, or they were never there. It’s

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Top 10 Best First Sentences

Finding a good book to read is like being picked up at a bar…there has to be a perfect opening line; otherwise, you’ll shift around uncomfortably, stutter when making an excuse, and finally move your ass to the other end where no one will talk to you. The truth is there’s are a lot of

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Delaware is Number 11

Delaware became the 11th state to legalize gay marriage today.  In celebration, I’m posting a preview of my little brother’s art project. My brother is a freshman at Parsons and says the film is symbolic of how much the LGBT has progressed since its early beginnings in Stonewall. I told him he was full of

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