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O’ Monday, Have Mercy

I’ve hated you from the beginning.

When I woke up at three o’clock in the morning with a slight pain in my back. When I woke up again at four-thirty and looked outside, the still, dead tree indicating another cold day. Nothing had changed. Spring had come, but it was you holding it at bay.

Fragments of a Silicon Valley Childhood

Fragments of a Silicon Valley Childhood by Ary Chest Because most of the companies that make it famous are headquartered in the small towns surrounding the large but sleepy city of San Jose, growing up in Silicon Valley is generally written off as any suburban upbringing. To me, that was never the case. While, like

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The Student Reading

The Student Reading by Paul Florez Back in July, I wrote at length about my hopes and fears for the first student reading I’d be hosting at The New School. The story was published with Slice magazine, and I ended it on a relatively positive note, saying we’ll have to wait till September to see

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You Don’t Have to Listen to Be a Good Friend

I’m seemingly free from having to process the minutia of conversations, and can focus on the important elements of the situation: the happiness, the anger, the frustration, the hand gestures and vocal intonations, the jubilation, the sadness, or the crusted booger on the upper lip.