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Issue 7: Pants

Talking Chainsaws and Sharknados with Caroline Williams

Talking Chainsaws and Sharknados with Caroline Williams Caroline Williams is one of those actresses you never forget. In 1986 she starred in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2,  Tobe Hooper’s bonkers and wildly entertaining sequel to the original horror classic. As disc jockey Stretch Brock, she fought to survive an unfortunate run-in with Leatherface and the rest of the sadistic Sawyer

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Mumblecore and Body Horror Have a One Night Stand – A Review of ‘Lace Crater’

Lace Crater is the debut feature film by Harrison Atkins. Produced (and co-starring) Joe Swanberg, the film has all traits of the mumblecore genre that Swanberg helped popularize a decade ago. Atkins cleverly plays on those conventions with the influence of body horror traditions, using them to bolster the film’s mumblecore framework.

The Thrill of the Hunt – A Review of ‘Carnage Park’

The Thrill of the Hunt – A Review of Carnage Park You’d think being taken hostage during a bank robbery gone awry would the worst thing to happen to Vivian (Ashley Bell) on a sweltering day in the California desert in 1978. In a race to get away from the police, her captors inadvertently drive onto

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An Appeal for ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’

An Appeal for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice The first live-action team-up of DC Comics icons Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman should have been a game-changer in the comic book movie genre. Instead, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (BvS), both a sequel to 2013’s Man of Steel and the stepping stone to ambitious

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DC Comics Afterbirth – A look at Superman in Transition

DC Comics Afterbirth – A look at Superman in Transition Last month, DC Comics launched Rebirth, an ambitious initiative to course-correct some of the perceived shortfalls of their company-wide relaunch in 2011, known as the New 52. Spearheaded by DC’s chief creative officer Geoff Johns, Rebirth’s focus is to restore much of the optimism and legacy

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Saying Goodbye to Anton Yelchin

Saying Goodbye to Anton Yelchin   Actor Anton Yelchin died unexpected this weekend in what’s been called a freak accident. He was only 27 years old. Shock and sadness often comes along with the news of the death of a young and beloved public figure. Given the bizarre circumstances of Yelchin’s death, the news stings

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Ray-Ban and Bikini Cult Riot – A Review of ‘Holy Hell’

Ray-Ban and Bikini Cult Riot – A Review of Holy Hell   Shortly after graduating film school and coming out to his family, Will Allen joined a Los Angeles-based group called The Buddhafield. He was searching for spiritual fulfillment and found it in the group of like-minded individuals. With his video camera in tow, Allen spent

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‘Well Wishes’ Adds Up – A Review

Well Wishes Adds Up – A Review Miles (Shane Callahan) finds himself on the losing end of a coin toss to determine whether he gets promoted or fired, and is subsequently dumped by his high-strung and materialistic girlfriend. But just as he’s at his lowest, he comes up with a genius but crazy scheme to amass

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