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It’s really Spring/Summer, but we do what we want.

Literary Terrorsim: Lindsay Hunter’s “Don’t Kiss Me”

Published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux, it’s a book of short stories about people making trouble for themselves. They concoct variations of the truth, they see situations askew and they do not, for anything, listen to reason. They’re devices of their own heartbreak.

The Wounded Empress: One Woman’s Quest to End Pain

Walking down John F. Kennedy Boulevard in Jersey City is a curious thing. There’s an odd combination of retail chains sprinkled with what’s left of the great mama and papa shops that defined our countries culture for so many years. In many ways Jersey City is a place of redemption and new beginnings. Resting in

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Redefining America: A Man of Steel Review

We’re continuing our Man of Steel Monday with a very super review of the film! In the very multicultural Miami, one would think they were in another country. People speak Spanish first and English later; the caffeine of choice is not ice coffee from Starbucks, but café con leche purchased from a no name bodega

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A New Galaxy by Joshua R. Helms

I am driving down a highway. On either side the trees are leafless & lying on their trunks. The grass beneath them is almost black. Wheels hum against the pavement. I am the only car on the road. The odometer isn’t working & the mile marker signs are missing, or they were never there. It’s

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Christeene Has a Send Off in ATX

I’m Keith. I used to live in Brooklyn, NY but now I live in Austin, TX. I’ll be keeping you abreast on all the tomfoolery here in the music capital of the world/ coolest place in Texas. It’s going to be rad. Read it or be sad. You’re welcome.           Last

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Artist Spotlight: Sicknasty

    We are proud to announce that Sicknasty himself joins The Ink and Code family as one of our artists. Don’t let the southern charm fool you, this gangsta has conquered New York with an army of Telethuggies and a sic ass playlist. Kidding aside, Sicknasty is a true adventurer and when it comes

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Werewolf by Joshua R. Helms

My father is a werewolf. We—my mother, my brother, my grandparents, & I—are hiding in my grandparents’ house, the brick house my mother grew up in, & we are locking all the doors to keep my father out. His hands are heavy & we can hear him breathing. We can hear him growling. He goes

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Poet Spotlight: Joshua R. Helms

Joshua R. Helms recently finished his MFA at the University of Alabama. He’s the author of Machines Like Us (Dzanc Books, 2014) and his work has appeared or is forthcoming in DIAGRAM, Fairy Tale Review, New England Review, Phoebe, Redivider, and Sixth Finch, among others. He infrequently tweets @joshuarhelms and blogs even less at

Ink and Code Artist Spotlight: Ryan Florez

This little punk is obsessed with Lady Gaga, dancing, bedazzled skulls, and Mass Effect 3. He’s also my kid brother and we are happy to have him as one of our resident artist here at Ink and Code. We also theorize he is one of the signs of the apocalypse, but that could just be nepotism.

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