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Mondo Monday – Marvel’s Daredevil & Jessica Jones Original Sountracks

On heels of their sweet Luke Cage release, Mondo has announced the scores to Marvel / Netflix Original Series Daredevil Season One and Jessica Jones Season One. Here are the details. Brooklyn-based vinyl freaks should also pay extra attention to the news at the bottom. Daredevil – Season One – Original Soundtrack LP. Music by John Paesano. Artwork by Matthew

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BAM! SMACK! PUN! – The 60s Batman and Robin are Back!

Adam West, Burt Ward, and Julie Newmar return for Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders If this year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice wasn’t your jam, the fine folks at DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. have you covered. Entertainment Weekly just debuted an exclusive teaser trailer for the upcoming animated Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders,

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The Student Reading

The Student Reading by Paul Florez Back in July, I wrote at length about my hopes and fears for the first student reading I’d be hosting at The New School. The story was published with Slice magazine, and I ended it on a relatively positive note, saying we’ll have to wait till September to see

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Throwback Thursday Article #1: The ABCs of Joss Whedon

The TBT hashtag rules with an ironfist on Instagram every Thursday. It’s impossible not to look at your feed and see awkward photos of years past, undoubtedly originally taken on a disposable camera (we hate the dreaded picture of a picture post…not that we’re not guilty of it ourselves). We had a thought here at

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I’m Not Racist, I Just Want a Black Superhero

For those of you who aren’t die hard fanboys, weeks ago Fox announced the cast of the Fantastic Four reboot. And like all comic book movie casting news before it, the internet nearly broke in half when the actors who will play Marvel’s first family were finally revealed to a bloodthirsty fanbase.

The 10 Best ‘American Horror Story’ Characters

A new Supreme is about to be crowned and with her ascension comes the end of American Horror Story: Coven. Frankly, we’re kicking and screaming in a fit that would make Fiona Goode look like Mother Teresa. But it’s clear the end of this season is nigh and in honor of the upcoming finale, The

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Dragon Skull Washes Up on British Shore (Game of Thrones Ad Rules Everything)

  Remember the badass Game of Thrones dragon shadow ad that appeared in the New York Times, on the side of buildings and busses, etc? Well, in a way (a big way) this almost trumps that. While it’s not accessible to everyone (it’s in Dorset, UK) like the NYT ad was, it’s nonetheless impressive. Created by

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BBC Wants More “In the Flesh” Episodes

Series creator Dominic Mitchell recently announced via Twitter that he was, “delighted #InTheFlesh is coming back…” to the BBC. Fans rejoiced, as there was much left to uncover after the brief season one stint. Heads at BBC call the show “fantastically original,” and have stated that they’re pleased to bring it back. The show is even being heralded by some bloggers as

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