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Zombieland Series Canceled on Amazon Prime

It seems the fans Have spoken. And that’s a good thing. I literally just got around to watching this show last night on Amazon Prime. Man, was it awful. It’s no surprise that Amazon passed on it. To start, the jokes were cliché. And it felt cheap. A production should never scrimp on writing. I’m

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BBC Zombie Drama, “In the Flesh,” Comes to the US

We’ve kind of hit a zombie fatigue, but BBC’s “In the Flesh” looks awesome. It’s a fresh take on the undead craze, and a welcome one at that. The series is centered around 18-year-old Kieren Walker (Luke Newberry), a former flesh craving zombie now on a rehabilitative drug that allows him to return to a normal life. But the

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The Vampire Diaries Finale + Ian Somerhalder

I wrote an essay about Ian Somerhalder over at Queerty in anticipation for the season finale of Vampire Diaries tonight. The article focuses on the idea of Ian being a universal sex symbol for male sexuality and identity. I cite his porcelain face, the rosy cheeks, and the icy-cool eyes. I don’t outwardly touch upon

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