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I roll up my sleeves instead of opening the driver’s side window, worried that a couple different emotions – jealousy, anger, confusion – will be snorted up my nostrils. Long Island in the spring, there’s nothing quite like it. Like the suns appearance after 67 straight days of darkness in Barrow, Alaska. A feeling of relief.

Fragments of a Silicon Valley Childhood

Fragments of a Silicon Valley Childhood by Ary Chest Because most of the companies that make it famous are headquartered in the small towns surrounding the large but sleepy city of San Jose, growing up in Silicon Valley is generally written off as any suburban upbringing. To me, that was never the case. While, like

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The Student Reading

The Student Reading by Paul Florez Back in July, I wrote at length about my hopes and fears for the first student reading I’d be hosting at The New School. The story was published with Slice magazine, and I ended it on a relatively positive note, saying we’ll have to wait till September to see

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Lindsay Hunter Gets Down and Dirty with Ugly Girls

Lindsay Hunter Gets Down and Dirty with Ugly Girls Within our personal existence there’s so many experiences we will never truly know. A select few of us experience the vast, depthless wonder of stepping onto the moon, while others live in the lap of luxury, afforded the gifts of all creation at their whim. There

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Advanced Sneakerology

I’m sure all this sounds silly. I’ve had guys tell me that they own one pair of sneakers, wear them every day, and buy a new pair only when the shoes become un-wearable. (I have no clue what un-wearable means because I keep all my sneakers in Sistine-Chapel-clean condition, but I’ll get there later).

California Author Edan Lepucki Talks Influence And End of Days

“It’s totally human to imagine our current world, lost. Perhaps it’s a way to understand death, to translate it from the personal loss, the obliteration of self, to a larger, cultural one.”