Celebrity Verses Poetry: The Clooney Nuptials

Clooney Wedding!
Celebrity Verses Poetry: The Clooney Nuptials



God damn! Welcome to the Clooneys’
The Talented Mr. Ripley-themed wedding!
It was all like elegant couture
and wood paneled boats
and thoughtfully wind whipped hair
and white suits and sun hats
and huge sunglasses and whoa
that shit was like a yacht club
threw up on The Venetian.

I half-expected Elizabeth Taylor’s ghost
to come floating out of the canal
like some Lady of the Eleganza
with her shining diamond halo
to bless this Glamor Fest.

I’m surprised they didn’t get
a Frank Sinatra hologram
to serenade their miraculous
first dance on the water.

It’s like some tantric wedding–
he’s been saving up all of his commitment
for this marathon of elegance.

Well, good luck, god speed and well played,
a marriage is finite,
but a spectacle is forever.


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