Celebrity Verses Poetry: Robin “Laying It On Too” Thicke


Sounds like “Love History Front”

Hark! The re-mating call
of the douche king sounds
throughout the Desperate Kingdom!

Oh Queen have pity!
His heart is all bound up
in clichés: it beats bleeds
breaks begs for you.

Your lack of consent
to marriage is but
a blurred line to his
heart without borders!

He longs to be shackled
to your unobjectionably
objectifiable breast—
to suckle and croon.

For what is romance
but making private public—
Jumbotron proposals and
choreographed grand gestures,

what girl doesn’t dream
of a tabloid separation?
Oh Paula, forget the other girls:
though they be legion

his album bears not their name,
and publicity speaks louder
than girls.


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