Celebrity Verses Poetry: Terry Richardson


I Renounce Terry and all his works and ways


What mad scientist

mixed Dov Charney

with central-casting-

70s-porn star

and everybody’s

dad in the 80s

to create this

cock-sure chimera?


Or perhaps

he is the primordial goo

from which all creepy

uncles spring.


All ye young and nubile

model slash actresses

beware the unsheathing

of the fleshy sword

and the invocation

of molestation.


On your behalf,

I would tear Terry

a new asshole

if that wouldn’t just

clone him.


Leave his cock and

camera flash

to the unadorned

hotel room porn

and let shrivel a career

of crotch coercion.


Bring in a sorority sister

with in-club-flash portrait practice

and a taste for consent

and get that sick fucker

out of my pop culture.

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