Christeene Has a Send Off in ATX


I’m Keith. I used to live in Brooklyn, NY but now I live in Austin, TX. I’ll be keeping you abreast on all the tomfoolery here in the music capital of the world/ coolest place in Texas. It’s going to be rad. Read it or be sad. You’re welcome.







Last week I went to a show here in Austin starring a demure flower by the name of Christeene Vale. Christeene is the brainchild of local legend Paul Soileau, who is also the mad genius behind the hilarious retro drag sensation Rebecca Havemeyer. Christeene’s look is a hybrid of Wendy O. Williams and low-budget Marilyn Manson. Her music is a little bit hard core rap, a little bit electroclash & a whole lot of bad ass queer-centric yelling (with a voice that matches her WENDY O. WILLIAMS realness).

She was giving a send off show at The North Door club before leaving the Lone Star State for a summer tour of NYC and Europe. I have witnessed the freak-show-punk-rock-gender-fuck spectacle that is Christeene twice before and all I can say is HOLY SHIT! If you haven’t heard of her, check her out right now.


Opening band The Suspirians were really fun and did a good job of getting the crowd going with their quiet riot girl ballads. Think The Organ but younger and a little more upbeat (if you don’t know The Organ, well, shame on you). Next was Fantasy, the pink haired gender queer singer who often opens for Christeene, and co-hosts many events with Rebecca Havemeyer. Wearing a metallic super hero costume, Fantasy sang parody folk songs about sex and booze .

Christeene finally hit the stage at 1am. Dear Christeene was not subdued AT ALL (as per usual).  Cursing, calling on all her faggots to love themselves and spitting water at the crowd in a leather bra & ripped panties, the crowd raged and danced and screamed. I was sweating Bulliet (Rye).
If she’s coming to your town, GO SEE HER! You can thank me later. Or send me hate mail.