Deep Ink: Friday the 13th Edition

Loyal I&C fans, we’ve got something awesome to share today.

First up, if you’re a fan of 70s/80s exploitation films, then I hope you’ve had the chance to watch Ms. 45. Not only because it’s absolutely bizarre, but because it’s damn entertaining. It’s original title, “Angel of Vengeance” is a more obvious description of the exploitation subgenre it falls into, but there’s no fun in that.
*A note to non-exploitation fans – a lot of these genre films can sometimes be an exercise in tedium. It’s usually because the filmmakers were amateurs or just not talented. This is NOT one of those movies.

Mondo has given Ms. 45 a modern (and visceral) art update with this amazing limited edition print by DL Screenprinting

Mondo print

Check out the trailer if you don’t believe my hype:

And let’s be real – the original art is pretty badass


And what Deep Ink post would be complete on Friday the 13th without an actual Friday the 13th inclusion? It wouldn’t be complete, just FYI. It wouldn’t be complete at all.

Mondo don’t F- around when it comes to these “holidays,” and today is no exception. If you’ve ever wanted Jason Voorhees’ hockey masked face up on your wall in glorious, Mondo-style detail then what the hell are you waiting for? This is your chance.

This is the fourth film in the series and we now know this “final chapter” BS was all a ploy to get 80s teenagers to buy movie tickets. But really, who cares? Who doesn’t want more Jason?

There’s a lot of breaking glass in this sequel (is a fourth in the series a “fequal”? that sounds like feces), but the main attraction just might be Crispin Glover’s extremely awkward and badass new wave 80s nerd dance. Actually, it IS the main attraction. I’m posting both the trailer and the dance videos below this awesome print by Gary Pullin. Enjoy.

Jason Voorhees: Friday the 13th The Final Chapter

And the dance scene you can’t help but admire:

I’ve always wondered where they found the shitty music featured in 80s and early 90s horror films. It’s the kind of rock and metal that even the most devoted, acid jeans wearing bad music fan would dismiss. Guess we’ll never know.

Get the prints here