Deep Ink: Mega Post feat. Mondo’s Captain America and More

We’ve always had a strong focus on Mondo with our Deep Ink posts, but that’s only because they’ve continually devoted themselves to the lost craft of poster and film art. Some people don’t have an opinion about what their movie advertisements look like, and even less people have a serious opinion about their film memorabilia, if they care at all. But us collectors, admirers and lovers of film, we have a special fervor for the art associated with our favorite films.

I’ve always viewed my film tastes (music and books, too) as a strong component of my personality. Someone’s taste in art says something about them. And while that idea might’ve been lost for many people in the final years of high school or college, deemed childish or adolescent once they’ve ingratiated themselves into tax paying society, the fact of the matter remains: there’s a truth in preference, whether we want to discuss and acknowledge it or not. It is something deeply personal and perhaps sometimes unexplainable, but it’s there, and it’s a part of us.

Mondo’s devotion continuously proves this truth. In honor, today’s Deep Ink is dedicated to some of their recent works that have inspired and excited us, and again glorified the films we love so much.

First up: this sick print by Rich Kelly is released in celebration of the Captain America: The Winter Soldier opening. Needless to say, it’s a great way to start this bonanza. I’ve never been a comic book person, but I love comic book adaptations. I’m pretty excited for this.

Captain America Mondo


Laurent Durieux has created some of the most eye-punching odes to classic cult cinema, and does not let us down with his latest Hitchcock inspired masterpieces.

Psycho Mondo 2

Vertigo Mondo 2

The Bird Mondo 2


If you’re a Mondo fan you know they release some of the coolest, most coveted vinyl soundtracks for rabid cult devotees. Artist Jay Shaw has given the world something inexplicably worthy of one of the weirdest, most fascinating cult movies ever made, Jeff Lieberman‘s Blue Sunshine (Original music by Charles Gross).

Blue Sunshine Mondo Vinyl


Jay Shaw has also created the creepy art for another Mondo vinyl release, Here Comes the Devil.

Here Comes the Devil Mondo Vinyl


Anyone who doesn’t love the original Robocop has something wrong with them. It’s cool, violent, kind of off, and amazing in every 1980s way possible. The remake is nothing to discuss, but the classic franchise is something of American legend. Artist Martin Ansin gives this beloved cult film an awesome send up.

Robocop Mondo


Artist Kevin Tong could not have picked two movies more different from one and other. And yet, when you think about it, they’re almost the same. Girl in a strange, far off land, fighting “the other” with a group of friends. Dorothy’s adventures on the yellow brick road and with the Wicked Witch of the West might be her version of a kind of Technicolor hell, but Ripley’s adventures ain’t no picnic. You have to remember, while Oz is a place where anything can happen, “no one in space can hear you scream.”

Wizard of Oz Mondo 2

Aliens Mondo

Lasty, The Omen soundtrack on vinyl is kind of long overdue. The art was created by Phantom City Creative, and leaves a modern, iconic image in your head so far removed from the original 1970s art that it almost makes you rethink the movie. It’s unexpected and eerie, and oddly a perfect updated compliment to a classic horror film.

The Omen Vinyl