Deep Ink: Spring Edition

Deep Ink: Spring Edition

It’s been a while since we’ve visited Deep Ink, but Mondo has been turning out the awesomeness lately and, well, they’ve left us with little to no choice. I present…

BADLANDS is perhaps one of the most under appreciated young-love-on-the-run crime spree road films ever made. Starring a very young,  menacing, and sexy Martin Sheen, and a typically haunting Sissy Spacek, this movie is an American masterpiece. Violent, pulpy, beautiful, stirring – it has it all. Directed by Terrence Malick, the quiet, sometimes dreamy atmosphere will stick with you for days.

This bold, expressive print by Tomer Hanuka is the first poster in Mondo’s Terrence Malick Director Series that will continue over the next year.

Badlands poster

HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL by Jonathan Burton

Vincent Price is one of the quintessential stars of horror history. He created a brand all his own, starring in some of the most famous and notorious titles in the genre. A well-loved (and dearly missed star) is paid respects with this Burton print, immortalizing one of his most memorable rolls with a dapper air of creep and elegance. Director William Castle can be felt all over this, as well, all but popping up in the details.

According to the Mondo press information, this film inspired Alfred Hitchcock to make PSYCHO.

House on Huanted Hill Poster Vincent PRice

We’ve seen countless interpretations of this tried and true classic’s art, but Paris-based comic artists Stan & Vince have successfully made the THE WAR OF THE WORLDS imagery feel damn fresh. And while it feels modern, it still retains the warm, fuzzy, vintage feel of the iconic 1953 film.

Bonus awesome: the Variant has a bright green, glow-in-the-dark layer.

War of the Worlds poster

These and more can be found at the infinitely awesome Austin based Mondo store