Dragon Skull Washes Up on British Shore (Game of Thrones Ad Rules Everything)


Remember the badass Game of Thrones dragon shadow ad that appeared in the New York Times, on the side of buildings and busses, etc? Well, in a way (a big way) this almost trumps that. While it’s not accessible to everyone (it’s in Dorset, UK) like the NYT ad was, it’s nonetheless impressive.

Created by several artists over two months, the amazing PR stunt was pulled off by by the Taylor Herring agency to promote Game of Thrones: Season 3 launching on Blinkbox (a UK streaming service) this month. Can you imagine encountering this if you went for a jolly stroll on the beach? I think I’d shit/fall in love.

Game of Thrones is probably my favorite show on TV right now (just a VERY little above The Walking Dead). It’s sophisticated, surprising, sexy, and violent. All of the things that keep me glued to a show for 12 weeks plus.