Everything I’ve Been Reading This Summer, I’ve Read From Amanda Bynes’ Twitter

I’m starting grad school in the fall, and instead of spending my summer tackling the 10 plus list of books I’m gonna have to write reports on, I’ve been stalking Amanda Bynes’ twitter.

The once and famous Nickelodeon star has recently suffered a Chernobyl level meltdown which has been met with fascination and criticism by the media. Everyone is just wondering what crazy ol’ Amanda is going to do next, but no one is giving her props on her philosophical endeavors. Admittedly, Amanda is dispensing some good life advice in 140 characters or less. If you take a moment to just read through her tweets and forget it’s Amanda Bynes, she could possibly be the next Descartes!

Below is a list of our Amanda’s best tweets and ones we plan to live by!