Fantastic Fest 2015 Wrap-up

Another Fantastic Fest has come to an end. Of the three we’ve attended, it’s safe to say this one was the best yet.


Award Winners

The 2015 Fantastic Fest Jury Winners were announced on October 1st and be viewed here. We’d like to call out the Audience Award winners, which were tallied based on numerical ratings of 1-10 collected after each screening:

1st Place: Green Room directed by Jeremy Saulnier (read our review here)

2nd Place: Liza the Fox Fairy directed by Károly Ujj Mészáros (read our review here)

3rd Place: Stand by for Tape Back-up directed by Ross Sutherland (gah, we missed the screenings of this one)

Green Room‘s win is not a surprise. I was very excited to read yesterday that it will receive a limited release on April 1, 2016, followed by a national release on April 15. See this movie the first chance you get!

Liza‘s second place spot is a little unexpected. The film was a great deal of fun and would make my top ten, but definitely not my top three. Of the two “whimsical” films I watched at the Festival, I would have gone with The Brand New Testament (which won the Jury Award for Comedy Features: Best Picture) .

We didn’t arrive in time for the screening of Stand By that included a live performance. Most people we talked to said the film was great, but the performance really made it a hit. I’m hoping the director Ross Sutherland will have a chance for future performances.


The Ink and Code Approved Top Five

If we were giving out our own awards, here are the films that would make the list:

Randall’s Top Five –

  • Green Room
  • Demon (Randall’s review)
  • High-Rise
  • The Brand New Testament (Randall’s review)
  • The Invitation (Randall’s review)

Robbie’s Top Five –

  •  Green Room (Robbie’s review)
  • The Witch
  • The Invitation (tied with The Witch)
  • Demon
  • High-Rise (Robbie’s review)

Yes, we clearly have very similar tastes. But, man, you should see us when we disagree about a film.


Sorry We Missed You!

There’s only so much time and scheduling makes things tricky. We didn’t get to see all the films we wanted to. Here a few we regret to have missed and hopefully we’ll catch sometime in the near future:


The Closing Night Party


The Town That Dreaded Sunrise


After the final screenings of the festival, attendees were shuttled off to the closing night party held at Star Hill Ranch in the city Bee Cave. It was like being given the keys to our very own ghost town!

unnamed (2)

Crackers – cute as a button and cool as a cucumber.


Crackers is just about the cutest equine besides Li’l Sebastian. He was there to greet party goers and pose for photos. I don’t know how he managed to remain so calm when weirdos like us where fawning all over him.



The Ink and Code rides of glory.


Rides on Crackers weren’t allowed, but fortunately a mechanical bull was on hand. The Ink and Code grew managed to stay on long enough for photos, but not much longer than that.


Right on target.

Right on target.


Maybe next year, they’ll let us in the dunk tank. Our swim suits happened to be in the car trunk. We fared much better than we did on the bull, dunking more than one person over the course of the night.

There were multiple saloons to provide libations, plus some good eats. A live band performed inside one of the buildings. As for the chapel? Why, they were screening The Devil’s Reign, of course. But the best part of the party…


Free Tattoos?!?


Another building housed a makeshift tattoo parlor. That’s right, it’s an annual tradition to get a Fantastic Fest tattoo if you’re up for it. We were. All the designs were great, but that turtle was too damn cute not to get permanently placed on our bodies.

Hey, turtle!

Hey, turtle!


Fantastic Fest 2015 – We’ll never forget you!