BBC Zombie Drama, “In the Flesh,” Comes to the US

We’ve kind of hit a zombie fatigue, but BBC’s “In the Flesh” looks awesome. It’s a fresh take on the undead craze, and a welcome one at that.

The series is centered around 18-year-old Kieren Walker (Luke Newberry), a former flesh craving zombie now on a rehabilitative drug that allows him to return to a normal life. But the surviving citizens of the zombie holocaust aren’t as eager for the undead to re-assimilate. Drama and madness ensue.

Sounds like an allegory for our fucked up society. Marriage equality, racial equality, and medical/pharmaceutical morality issues come to mind.

The trailer looks badass – in a subdued way.

Ah, the benefits of cable TV. Huge “Walking Dead” fan here. Needless to say, the DVR is set

Check out more on the story at Fangoira.


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