Deep Ink: Mondo Heavy Metal Poster

Long time no ink. Heh. Sorry.

Have you seen the Mondo Heavy Metal poster yet?

This was one of my favorite animated films growing up (I caught it on HBO with my brother late one night). It’s violent, raunchy, comic booky, and downright freakin’ weird. I missed a lot of the subtle adult humor in my youth, some of the silly sexual innuendos going right over my head. Others like the sex crazed beasts and crooked lunatics, well those resonated quite well with me (I’ve always liked off-beat characters, what can I say?)

This film undoubtedly was a cult hit the moment it hit the air, and deservedly so. Even its original poster art was evocative and violently sexualized, not to mentions pure badass.

Though the Mondo update is in and of itself pretty awesome, nothing will ever live up to the rush I got when I fist picked up this VHS Box.

That’s not to say that Mondo hasn’t done it justice. See Kilian Eng‘s work for yourself.

Heavy Metal Mondo