Mondo Monday – Goes Psycho, Gets Vertigo

Alfred Hitchcock is probably one of the most influential filmmakers of all time. Upon their release, many of his movies entered the English idiom almost immediately. You cannot say “psycho” to most people without conjuring the horrifying shower scene, the Bates Motel, or that sinister face of Anthony Perkins’.

Paying a much deserved homage, Mondo will release of a whole slew of Hitchcock art on August 13th. And the best pieces are not dedicated the master himself, but two of his most iconic films.





First up, there’s the stunning poster print for Psycho. Created by the incredibly talented Tomer Hanuka, the image uses the intimacy of the aftermath of one of the most recognizable moments in cinematic history. It’s simple, strangely elegant, and striking.





Next, there’s not one, but two, prints inspired by the infamous Vertigo by Gary PullinVertigo has never been my favorite Hitchcock movie, but there’s no denying it’s a masterful piece of art. These two prints do it the justice it deserves.


Vertigo 2











Get them HERE when announced on Twitter tomorrow!