Mondo Monday – Studio Ghibli Films / Hayao Miyazaki

Ok, so there’s a serious love fest going on at Mondo right now. Studio Ghibli Films and director Hayao Miyazaki just got a release run of special vinyl and T-shirts, and they’re all awesome.

I love Miyazaki movies. They bring out the child in me, and make me believe in magic. And while that might sound completely hammy and stupid, it’s true. Even when the plots don’t make full sense, there’s a quality to these films that take the viewer away.

In case you may not know, Miyazaki is known for  incredible films such as Howl’s Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, among others.

This is why I love Mondo. They’re making special pieces for a special audience of devoted fans. These are for people who not only love art, but who love genre films. The next time I’m in Austin, I’m stopping by just to say thanks.