Mondo Monday – Wednesday Edition: The Devil’s Backbone

The mondo prints never stay in stock for long. By the time I write and publish these things, they’re long gone. It’s a shame and it’s a blessing for collectors. But you never know, you might find one of the prints on ebay one day. Nonetheless, I’m spreading the joy of Mondo, and that’s all that counts.

This week saw the release of this completely awesome, wonderful, beautifully creepy print for the Guillermo Del Toro film The Devil’s Backbone. Created by the very talented Guy Davis, this particualr print won’t only live with those lucky enough to snag it. It’s also happily going to grace the cover of the new Criterion Collection Blu-Ray and DVD Special Edition!

The film itself is truly haunting, and is one of the better horror films from that time period. It has all the elements that make a scary movie perfect – a dark pallet, an all boy’s school, an undetonated bomb, and the tortured ghost of a long dead boy. If you haven’t seen it, change that.

Here’s the print: