Mondo Monday – Maniac

All right. This is not the most tranquil image to have in your home. And that’s not the point. However, if you’re a diehard, hardcore horror fan you might want to consider this fantastic piece. I saw a large “interactive” version of it in the IFC Center when I went to see Berberian Sound Studio and it was pretty impressive. The version I saw you can stick your face in a cut out section and “be the Maniac.” I didn’t participate, but it was an awesome idea.

What makes this so impressive, as with most Mondo prints, is the unusual color scheme. It’s vibrant, poppy, and impossibly modern…and yet retro, too. Despite the obvious horrific scene, it’s somewhat quiet in all other aspects. The purple shade to pinkish, the stark blue. And there’s a ton of motion is it. It’s a really thoughtful piece. Check out the artist, Jeff Proctor‘s other work. It’s equally evocative and eerie.

I haven’t seen the “Maniac” remake film starring Elijah Wood, and I’m not a crazed fan of the original, but I appreciate their existence. I’m a fan of violent horror, and I’m this is not exception.

Get it