Mondo Monday: On Wednesday – The Thing, Son of Frankenstein…

We missed Monday because it was a holiday.
Memorial Day is an important day to reflect on those that fight and have fought for our freedoms, and to be lazy while doing so. Sorry we missed our Mondo Monday.

This weeks’ Mondo Monday features the sick ass works of Randy OrtizRich Kelly, and Gary Pullin.


You have to love the movie to make something this assured. Randy Ortiz pulls together the awesome, wet soul of John Carpenter’s “The Thing” with revolting detail. This movie is scary on its own, so coupled with this new art its downright horrifying. The sinewy (ew) muscle detail in the monsters is exactly what nightmares are made of. And you can almost hear the knobby tentacles pattering toward you in the dark.










This is the film that rebooted the Universal horror machine. Rich Kelly takes the iconic badass known as Frankenstein’s Monster (Boris Karloff) and splays him across the canvas for this “Son of Frankenstein” print. Dwarfed but not undermined, Ygor (Bela Lugosi)  also gets his mug front and center.

The color palette on this variant is all kinds of awesome. Sepia-ish and pink are not two colors one might consider when embarking on the creation of a Frankenstein piece, but holy hell does it work. It makes the sepia pop in every way. Wall space be damned, this one is a must have.









And lastly we have good ole Devil brow himself, Bela Lugosi (again). “White Zombie” is a criminally underrated film. While it may not be in the same category as the Universal classics, it definitely holds it own out there. It has more atmosphere than a lot movies made today. It’s eerie, deliberate, and you will not forget it.

Gary Pullin’s print kills it. The colors are vibrant and the detail is bold on every line and shade.  That jacket/veil combo situation going in the lower center portion: fuck yes. This needs to be owned, framed, and shown off at every opportunity.

















These prints are always limited editions and are likely gone, but you can check back at Mondo regularly because they do re-release small batches  here and there.


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