The Top 10 Best Skottie Young Baby Variant Covers

Unless you’re living under a rock then you already know that Secret Wars is in full throttle, and that the Marvel Universe has come to an end. We can’t help be sad…for like a minute. Because once the dust settled and all that was left was Battleworld, we nearly wet our skinny jeans.

For our non-nerdy readership, Secret Wars is Marvel Comics’ epic summer crossover that brings an end to the mainstream Marvel Universe where so many beloved heroes like Spider-Man and Captain America inhabit. As a result of the universe imploding (and a little divine intervention from Dr. Doom) all that remains is a planet called Battleworld, a new Earth composed of various other earths from the multiverse. Yea, take a moment to absorb all that.

One of the domains on Battleworld is a placed called Marville, a land where the A-Babies and X-Babies roam free and are in constant battle with each other. That’s right. There is a universe where baby versions of A-list superheroes fight each other in a sandbox to see who will win a beloved teddy bear. Take another moment to absorb that.

In truth the A-Babies and X-Babies were always obscure characters that never got much attention until celebrated comic book artist Skottie Young revamped them for a whole new generation of fans. We here at The Ink and Code love all things Skottie Young and we’ve complied a top 10 best list of his greatest baby covers to date.


10.  Baby Spider-Man striking a pose

A re-imagined take of the classic Todd McFarlane cover. This makes us want to wrap our favorite Web-slinger in a blankey and sing him a lullaby. Okay, that’s kinda creepy. But you get what we mean. It’s aborbs!


9. Angela arrives


Speaking of Todd McFarlane, we were beyond thrilled when Spawn’s sometimes ally crossed over to Marvel Comics…permanently. Now known as Thor’s long lost sister, Angela has quickly become one of the biggest players in the Marvel Universe. She is both feared and respected by all those who meet her. But you just wouldn’t know it cause she’s just so damn cute wrapped in ribbon.


8. Baby Shield


No one fucks with Agents of Shield…except baby Nicky Fury. Seriously. We always knew Shield Director Nicky Fury was a ball buster, but his baby version is just a plain old troublemaker. Check out the look on baby Maria Hill’s face. Classic.


7. A + X = Cookies


This is something we hope to see more of! The Avengers and X-men working towards a common goal. Imagine that! They aren’t at war with each other like two certain studios (allegedly). While fanboys and girls around the world dream of a cinematic crossover between the Avengers and X-men, we’re perfectly happy seeing these bite-sized heroes climbing their way up the refrigerator to the cookie jar.


6. Baby Nightcrawler Returns


We were heartbroken when Nightcrawler gave his life defending that Jean Grey knockoff, Hope Summers (seriously, whatever happened to her). But thankfully, our favorite elf was only taking a dirt nap and returned to the land of the living. And to boot we got this cute variant cover! Best. Resurrection. Ever.


5. Baby Magneto enjoying his cheerios3676088-01d

There is nothing more precious than seeing one of Marvel’s A-list villains having his milk and cereal. Someone is clearly not a morning person! If he wasn’t a homicidal manic, hellbent of destroying humanity, we would totes take him home with us.


4. The O5 babies come to the present


When Marvel announced the Original Five X-men would be coming to the present, we lost our shit. I mean, the original Jean Grey was returning! How fucking amazing was that? And since their return, we’ve gotten a ton of X-babies variant covers, but this one remains our favorite. Watch out, kids. Papa Wolverine is home!


3. The Marvel Cinematic Universe Avengers hit the arcadeinfintiy_001_rgb_by_skottieyoung-d6d5111

We all have Avengers fever after the awesomeness that was Age of Ultron. For years, Marvel Studios has hinted that Thanos was coming and now there is no doubt the Avengers will face off against the mad Titan in the next Avengers flick. Hold on to your popcorn buckets, true believers. The Infinity War hath begun. This cover obviously pays homage to what moviegoers have been waiting patiently for.


2. Baby Black Bolt shows Thanos who’s boss


We usually hate screaming babies but for baby Black Bolt we’ll make an exception. Especially since he’s opening up a can of whop-ass on baby Thanos.


1. Baby Rocket Raccoon watering Baby Groot


Baby Groot. Baby Rocket Racoon. ‘Nuff said.


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