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Submit your writing to us. There is no set deadline or theme and we will consider the spectrum of submissions. Just be sure to read what we publish and what we’ve blogged about to make sure your submission jives with what we’re doing.

We want: awesome, cool, weird, ugly, bizarre, amazing, sad, funny, dark, shocking, pretty, grouchy, intelligent pieces of writing. Oh, and everything in between.


Liked the book, hated the movie? Still can’t believe Luke Skywalker is Darth Vader’s son after all these long years? You have a lot to say and no one is listening. We get it. Send it to us! If you have a really rad profile on a local artist, upload it to us now.



The literary apocalypse is over but we still want it all. Submit any of your writings to us. Remember that time you wrote a poem on the back of your grocery receipt? Scan the receipt and send it to us.


  • No manuscripts or chapters
  • Submitted work cannot be previously published
  • No official word limit, but since we have ADD keep it between 500 – 5,000 words MAX



We are seeking all forms of art and images. Take a photo of your sculpture or a homeless person doing the Macarena. We’ll think it’s artsy.


  • All images uploaded must be at least 300 dpi
  • Short paragraph describing your art


We want bragging rights before you’re mainstream. Send us your music and we’ll upload it. Heck, if you’re Manhattan based we might even come out to see you.


We’re fans of short films, fan films, whatever. Send them to us. We devour moving visuals with our eyeball spoons.


How to submit:

Please submit all work to

(Easter egg: if you address your submission to either Paul, Robbie, or Randall, you’ll get a personal response from us detailing our thoughts on your work.)