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The Birth of an Artist – A Review of ‘Endless Poetry’

“But there are poems on the ground! This wonderful work will be lost!” Until a few years ago, the notion of a new Alejandro Jodorowsky film seemed far fetched. The acclaimed artist had not made a film since 1990’s The Rainbow Thief. While other endeavors occupied him, a new film never seemed to be one.

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Alejandro Jodorowsky’s ‘El Topo’ As Told by Danny Peary

In celebration of the release of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s new film Endless Poetry on July 14th, we’re continuing our week-long Jodo-party. For this installment, I’m thrilled to share film critic Danny Peary’s essay on El Topo, which was originally featured in his beloved Cult Movies book, provided here courtesy of Peary and Workman Publishing. The book and

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The Alejandro Jodorowsky Primer

No word could better describe Alejandro Jodorowsky than hyperbole. He’s the embodiment of enthusiastic and emphatic energy unfettered from the physical world. He dances on a plane of existence to which we should all strive. The platonic ideal of an artist, Jodorowsky produces works that aim to create cosmic shifts in consciousness. Part holy man, part trickster

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