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The Ultimate Party Game – A Review of ‘A Game of Death’

The Ultimate Party Game – A Review of Game of Death An afternoon of partying turns into a bloodbath for a group of teens when they decide to play a mysterious board game, the Game of Death. The high-stakes game requires them to kill two dozen people or face a truly horrific demise themselves. The clock is

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‘Colossal’ – A Fantastic Fest 2016 Review

When you go to Fantastic Fest you expect to see a few films that surprise you. You’re never disappointed, but there are always those two, three, even five movies that you just can’t stop thinking and talking about after you leave. They capture the stories that you kind of fall in love with. This year, one of those films was Colossal.

‘Buster’s Mal Heart’ – A Fantastic Fest 2016 Review

Buster’s Mal Heart – A Fantastic Fest 2016 Review A mountain man evades authorities and survives the winter by breaking into empty houses. A fisherman is lost at sea, sending out letters in bottles with hopes they reach the shore. And a family man works night shifts at a hotel, living with his wife’s parents

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‘The Arrival’ – A Fantastic Fest 2016 Review

I’m just going to come out and say it right away: The Arrival is one of those movies that make me remember why I love going to the movies. That’s been said before about a lot of movies, each time valid for the writer. But these types of movies don’t come around very often, especially

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Akiz on His Latest Film ‘Der Nachtmahr’

The story of a girl and her monster is perhaps one of the most classic horror stories of all. There’s Beauty and the Beast, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Bride of Frankenstein. These are stories of need, of love, acceptance and connection. The monster is at first reviled, then loved in some way, lest

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Fantastic Fest 2015 Wrap-up

Another Fantastic Fest has come to an end. Of the three we’ve attended, it’s safe to say this one was the best yet.   Award Winners The 2015 Fantastic Fest Jury Winners were announced on October 1st and be viewed here. We’d like to call out the Audience Award winners, which were tallied based on

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Fantastic Fest 2015 Short Film Lineup is Awesome

Fantastic Fest 2015 Short Film Lineup is Awesome The short film’s at this year’s Fantastic Fest is curated by veteran festival programmer, film producer and apparent hat enthusiast, Peter Kuplowsky. There’s 40 short films(!) to choose from this year, and, according to the press release, your minds will melt, your sides will split, and jaws

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The Profile

The Profile Single South Asian male, in thirties, looking for wife By Mariam Zafar   Please message me only if you are between the ages of 18 and 22 and have taken substantial steps to pursue a career in law or medicine and can keep up with intellectual conversation should I choose to take you

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Love That Joker

Love That Joker: A Few of My Favorite Joker Styles   Over the weekend, David Ayer, director of the upcoming Suicide Squad film, debuted the first image of Jared Leto as the Joker. The look garnered a great deal of response – both passionate hatred and accepting optimism. But the vocal and emotional reaction is unsurprising.

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Bobby, Are You Queer?

Bobby, Are You Queer? X-Men’s Iceman Comes Out     For those who haven’t been keeping up on the 52-year long soap opera that is the X-Men, the founding members of the team—as they were in the 1960s—have traveled to the present and got stuck there, potentially damaging the whole of space-time continuum if they

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