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Misery Loves Company – A Review of ‘Poor Agnes’

“I’m sorry, I don’t like you. You’re unlikable.” To fully understand  the clear disdain that Agnes (Lora Burke) has for humanity, look no further than the contents of her freezer. She has little use for others aside from killing them. But then private investigator Mike (Robert Notman) arrives at her door. He’s looking into the

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‘1974’ – A Brooklyn Horror Film Festival Review

“I don’t want them to come any more. I don’t want to dream about them again.” Newlyweds Altair (Diana Bovio) and Manuel (Rolando Breme) playfully document the start of their lives together in a new home with a Super-8 camera. Their marital bliss does not last as strange occurrences start to occur. A mysterious toy neither recognizes

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Brooklyn Horror Film Festival Watch List

The Brooklyn Horror Film Festival kicked off yesterday and we’re in for a marathon weekend of film watching. As such is life, there’s never enough time to watch everything we’d like and many hard choices had to be made. With that in mind, here’s our itinerary for the weekend with synopses provided by the festival. RIFT

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