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Flash Fiction Friday – “Lived” by James A Marin

Lived  by James A Marin art by Andrea Montano A veteran of both World Wars, Edwina Carlson still possessed a military bearing. Her godson knew the pain of terminal cancer was endured without complaint. “You abstain from pain management.” Immediately Tony felt the fool; the statement of concern sounded more like an accusation. A smile from

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Burial Options

Burial Options
by Kyle Lucia Wu

Sometimes I do climb to the roof, out of my fire escape and up the rickety black ladder that does not look supportive. I stare at the skyline from my perch in Queens. New York is so elusive. You can only see its beauty once you leave.

You Don’t Have to Listen to Be a Good Friend

I’m seemingly free from having to process the minutia of conversations, and can focus on the important elements of the situation: the happiness, the anger, the frustration, the hand gestures and vocal intonations, the jubilation, the sadness, or the crusted booger on the upper lip.

Upstate by Brian Fender

I caught the train in Harlem. I stood on the platform and looked down the length of 125th street cluttered in garbage and people going about their business. An older man stood on the corner yelling incoherently and waving his index finger. He had a lot to say, but no one was listening.