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The Romp by the River – A Review of ‘Lost in Paris’

“We are here to say goodbye to… Sorry, I have a blank.” Fiona (Fiona Gordon), a Canadian librarian in a small and snowy town, is called away to Paris by her 88-year-old aunt Martha (Emmanuelle Riva), who is about to be sent off to a nursing home against her will. Fiona rushes across the Atlantic

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Fear and Laughing Near Las Vegas – A Review of ‘Middle Man’

“You know what the hardest part of cutting someone into pieces is? It’s the bones.” Following his mother’s death, the middle-aged Lenny Freeman (Park and Recreation‘s Jim O’Heir) leaves to confines of his safe life as a CPA and sets off to Las Vegas in his mother’s ’53 Oldsmobile to take a shot at his long-time

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The Ultimate Party Game – A Review of ‘A Game of Death’

The Ultimate Party Game – A Review of Game of Death An afternoon of partying turns into a bloodbath for a group of teens when they decide to play a mysterious board game, the Game of Death. The high-stakes game requires them to kill two dozen people or face a truly horrific demise themselves. The clock is

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Girls to the Front of the Screen – A Review of ‘XX’

Girls to the Front of the Screen – A Review of XX When announced late last year that Magnet Releasing & XYZ Film were releasing a horror anthology with an all-female lineup of filmmakers, I was determined to be there opening day. Much to my good fortune, I wound up seeing it even earlier. XX is a

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The Horror Above – A Review of ‘Agatha’

The Horror Above – A Review of Agatha The orphan train comes daily, spilling hundreds of children onto the streets of Pennsylvania in the late 1800’s. Desperate and alone, the penniless 7 year old Sophie entrusts an older woman who hires her to bring food each night to someone living in her attic. There is

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Universal Struggles – A Review of ‘Leslie’

Universal Struggles – A Review of Leslie  Struggling musician Holly (Kika Magalhães) can’t seem to catch a break. Money troubles, a relationship on the rocks, a sister with whom she cannot connect, and a broken down car all weigh on her. But when a life-altering obstacle comes her way, Holly is faced with tough decisions

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Hope and Refrigerators – A Review of ‘Hunter Gatherer’

Hope and Refrigeratorss – A Review of Hunter Gatherer Recently released from prison, Ashley Douglas (Andre Royo) is ready to restart his life. With little more than a toolbox full of his belongings–buried in his mother’s backyard–he aims to win back his ex Linda (Ashley Wilkerson), refusing to accept that she’s moved on. After a chance

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Lucile Hadzihalilovic’s ‘Evolution’ Opens this Friday!

Lucile Hadzihalilovic’s Evolution Opens this Friday! Patience pays off! After watching Evolution at Fantastic Fest in 2015, we’ve been eager to see it again, as well as hear what larger audiences have to say about it. And now that’s finally happening this holiday weekend thanks to IFC Midnight. Filmmaker Lucile Hadzihalilovic (director/writer of Innocence and occasional collaborator

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Fear and Self-Loathing at Comic Con – A Review of ‘Uncle Kent 2’

Fear and Self-Loathing at Comic Con – A Review of Uncle Kent 2 The follow-up to Joe Swanberg’s 2011 film Uncle Kent is about… the follow-up to Joe Swanberg’s 2011 film Uncle Kent. Actor/writer Kent Osborne returns, once again playing a characterized version of himself, this time focused on finding a way to make a sequel

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‘Colossal’ – A Fantastic Fest 2016 Review

When you go to Fantastic Fest you expect to see a few films that surprise you. You’re never disappointed, but there are always those two, three, even five movies that you just can’t stop thinking and talking about after you leave. They capture the stories that you kind of fall in love with. This year, one of those films was Colossal.