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Flash Fiction Friday – “Lived” by James A Marin

Lived  by James A Marin art by Andrea Montano A veteran of both World Wars, Edwina Carlson still possessed a military bearing. Her godson knew the pain of terminal cancer was endured without complaint. “You abstain from pain management.” Immediately Tony felt the fool; the statement of concern sounded more like an accusation. A smile from

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Akiz on His Latest Film ‘Der Nachtmahr’

The story of a girl and her monster is perhaps one of the most classic horror stories of all. There’s Beauty and the Beast, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Bride of Frankenstein. These are stories of need, of love, acceptance and connection. The monster is at first reviled, then loved in some way, lest

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Hungry Hearts Is a Contemplative, Though Flatline Thriller

Hungry Hearts Is a Contemplative, Though Flatline Thriller Being young parents is enough to drive you mad, and that’s just what happens in this quiet little indie from IFC. The story conquers new love, moving in together, getting married, meeting the family, and, finally, having a baby. And that’s just the first half hour. What

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The Profile

The Profile Single South Asian male, in thirties, looking for wife By Mariam Zafar   Please message me only if you are between the ages of 18 and 22 and have taken substantial steps to pursue a career in law or medicine and can keep up with intellectual conversation should I choose to take you

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Author Spotlight: Mariam Zafar

Mariam Zafar is a Pakistani-American writer pursuing her MFA in Poetry at The New School. A desert dweller at heart, she writes between Miami, Dubai, and New York City. She is the 2015 winner of the Paul Violi Prize in Poetry, and her work is currently forthcoming in Bird’s Thumb. When she’s not working on her collection of poems, you

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Breaking up with Kevin Smith

My break-up from Kevin Smith is similar to any other kind of break-up, I guess: I can no longer identify with him and so I’ve ended the relationship. I don’t harbor any ill-will, and I wish him the best, but we’re no longer right together.

from Flesh Graphs by Brynne Rebele-Henry

  from Flesh Graphs by Brynne Rebele-Henry   58. Spray tan, he keeps saying things about me like divine, and baby, and scrumptious. Of my bikini: hot, hot, hot. His porno beard. His affinity for unicorn butt plugs and bedazzling. 59. I fucked them in a car with no heat, it was winter and our

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O’ Monday, Have Mercy

I’ve hated you from the beginning.

When I woke up at three o’clock in the morning with a slight pain in my back. When I woke up again at four-thirty and looked outside, the still, dead tree indicating another cold day. Nothing had changed. Spring had come, but it was you holding it at bay.


I roll up my sleeves instead of opening the driver’s side window, worried that a couple different emotions – jealousy, anger, confusion – will be snorted up my nostrils. Long Island in the spring, there’s nothing quite like it. Like the suns appearance after 67 straight days of darkness in Barrow, Alaska. A feeling of relief.