The Second Coming of the Moon Princess

Sailor Moon reached our shores long before Pokemon and Death Note. With her arrival, she reinvigorated the magical girl genre that was previously populated by characters like Sabrina the Teenage Witch. In short, we owe everything we have in Anime/Manga to Sailor Moon. However, I owe a little something more to her.

Like most gay boys who discovered their sexuality in the ’90s, I grew up obsessed with Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon was the titular hero of her own anime. An ordinary 14-year-old who would call upon the forces of the universe to transform into a heroine of love and justice. Epic stuff and revolutionary to a timid junior high boy trying to find his place in the world!

I was relentlessly bullied throughout junior high and in Sailor Moon I saw a message of hope. Heck, I was even bullied for liking Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon was an outsider that was greater than her environment gave her credit for. She was a hero, equipped with magical weapons and a shared destiny with friends and it was through their rapport they were able to over come life’s trials. It is for this reason, I have held her close to my heart for over 20 years.

The Sailor Moon reboot is supposed to hit sometime in 2013. And I can’t wait. The reboot is going to follow the manga more closely and in honor of this, I have decided to post the original character sketches by Naoko Takeuchi that appeared in the Materials Collection Art book. Enjoy!


332px-Super_Sailor_Moon_Concept_Art Sailor_Moon_Concept_art Sailor_Neptune_Pluto_Uranus_Concept_Art Sailor_Saturn_Concept_Art url

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