This Week of Horror – October 15-21, 2016

This Week of Horror – October 15-21, 2016


Welcome back to The Ink & Code’s weekly round-up of all exciting things in the world of horror! Prepare to open your minds and open your wallets.

1) Night of the Living Dead lives again!
George Romero’s genre-defining Night of the Living Dead has been digitally restored by New York’s Museum of Modern Art and The Film Foundation. Entertainment Weekly offers the exclusive. It’ll be shown MOMA as part of the To Save and Project Festival, and tickets go on sale October 22nd. Between this new restoration and the news of the lost footage discovered last year, hopefully we’ll have a definitive blu-ray release in the near future.

2) The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Gas Station is now open for business


Ever want to visit the infamous gas station from the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre? Now you can even sleep there! Book a cabin, eat some BBQ, and buy some cool horror merch at this newly opened location. As if that wasn’t cool enough, Ed Neal from the first film and Caroline Williams from Part 2 will be appearing October 30th and 31st, making Halloween in Texas extra awesome this year.

3) Friday the 13th Part XII: Jason Goes to Court
I wouldn’t suggest holding your breath for the next installment of Friday the 13th. Victor Miller, the screenwriter of the original film, is now suing for the rights of the franchise to be turned over to him. It should be an interesting copyright case to follow. How it affects the upcoming video game remains to be seen.

4) These toys are The Worst
I’m a little late to the party on this one, but the folks over at Super7Store have created some truly wonderful and unique retro-style action figures depicting original monster creations that feel straight out of your beloved childhood horror movies. The card artwork comes from the terrific Ed Repka. The whole set can be yours here!


That’s all for this week. This weekend, stay safe and stay scared.

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