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Shopping for the Holiday with Danny Peary’s Cult Horror Movies

Shopping for the Holiday with Danny Peary’s Cult Horror Movies Danny Peary’s Cult Movies series has been loved for decades. Before the dawn of the internet, his books were many film lover’s gateway into the odd corners of cinema. Recently I was given the opportunity to edit a series of ebooks culling the material from these books,

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Celebrity Verses Poetry: Blake Lively/Ryan Reynolds Baby

Artisanal Human in Miniature   A blandly beautiful baby will be entering the world swaddled in cloth so artisanal it shall be invisible to the Target-wearing eye. The nursery, bedecked in some Martha-GOOP-Etsy crossover fan fic, shall envelop the child in a sense of suffocating hominess so complete that his breath shall smell of cinnamon-scented

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Halloween Horror Movie Roundup

Ah, it’s that magical time of year when all the scary things in the dark can finally show their face. A celebrated season of spooky fun and gruesome delights, where kids can dress up like monsters and their parents have full permission to scare the shit out of them.