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Celebrity Verses Poetry: Jared Leto

Flaxen haired gradient of rock supergoddom Oh Jordan Catalano, how many seconds to Uranus? You are the most beautiful cartoon chipmunk, eyes wide open to a soul as shallow as memorial pools. Your ombre locks the envy of ponies, were you my little, your rump might bear the mark of Oscar. Oh Bartholomew Cubbins, direct

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In Response to “I’m Not Racist, I Just Want a Black Superhero”

by Randall Lotowycz

This film is obviously a year or more away and we know very little about it. But based on the Michael B. Jordan casting, suddenly people are assuming the dynamic has to be different. Why?

I’m Not Racist, I Just Want a Black Superhero

For those of you who aren’t die hard fanboys, weeks ago Fox announced the cast of the Fantastic Four reboot. And like all comic book movie casting news before it, the internet nearly broke in half when the actors who will play Marvel’s first family were finally revealed to a bloodthirsty fanbase.

Celebrity Verses Poetry: Lindsay “off the wagon” Lohan

A la Recherche de la Lindsay Perdue Lindsay— what the ever loving fuck can we do? You were our Emma Stone! Our husky-voiced, no-nonsense hot bitch with non-dead eyes. Once, twice, six times in rehab! Your braless boobs begging for a bustier your hair like iridescent straw color shifting according to the winds. The topography

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